A Message from our President

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2017-2018 President’s Final Message


Farewell to the troops

When I took office last March, my first thought was “What have I gotten into?”. As the fear dissipated, I looked around and found an overwhelming amount of hard working people. The board was incredible, and I could never have asked for better. We Snowbirds not only know how to have fun but are such a great bunch of nice people. I think the stinkers must have gone farther south. Thank you all so much for a pleasant and fun year which flew by too fast. The Destin Snowbirds have a long tradition of doing things right. I didn’t invent anything, I just tried to continue. My biggest fear was the membership meetings. You managed to smile through my pitiful jokes and not count my “and uha”. When one stands on the stage and looks out, there’s a lot of people. Just when one feels relieved, another group comes in. As the Romper Room lady used to look in her magic mirror and tell the audience whom she saw, she always left out my son Trey. I learned something from Miss Judy. When you thank individuals, someone is always forgotten. So, thank all of you and I wish a pleasant year for Jackie who not only is better looking but is not identified by a cowboy hat. Continue to support the club because ‘Who has more fun than Snowbirds? Nobody!”.


Your President

Charles Cassell